About Larry W. Smith

lws suit windowWelcome.

My personal brand tag line is “Passionately Curious.” I love to discover, I love to innovate and transform, I’ve done it all my life.

When you look at my LinkedIn professional profile you’ll see 4 epic movements from 1) MadMan advertising executive; 2) Internet Developer and entrepreneur; 3) Venture capitalist and investment banker; and 4) Strategic Marketing and Technology consultant. I’m looking for the 5th movement, possible connecting everything at the intersection of technology and marketing.

More importantly, I’m father to William Daniel and Patrick Laughlin, great kids and fun to teach, play with, and hang out all around New York City.

Easter boys2014 copyBoth boys were born and raised in the city so it’s funny to watch them at the beach or in the country where the flora, fauna, and absence of noise makes them rethink many things about everyday life.

I’ve had the great benefit of spending a great deal of time with them; I doubt I’ve been away from them more than 100 nights in the past 10 years, and fewer than a dozen weekends. My headstone will not say that I spent too much time at the office.

It’s been a great joy raising them since I’ve had the ability to learn and do so many new things. One of the personal best things was being a Little League Manager and Coach for 5 years, and being on the Board of the Greenwich Village Little League.

Thanks for joining me on a journey of exploration. As Albert Einstein said: “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

I hope 2015 will present great opportunities and discoveries.

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