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Big Picture Branding

quote 1This is the golden age of photography. And it’s more important than ever for digital  marketers.

Virtually everyone with a mobile phone has a digital camera to make pictures. Facebook says more than 350 million pictures are posted daily; that’s more than the total USA population. Add in all the other social sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Picasa, Google+, and iCloud and there must be billions of images a day being shared, and this doesn’t include all the photo’s we keep private, archive or delete.

If you are a brand manager, ad agency, musician, artist, or any type of creator, your marketing mission is to make your brand photogenic.

What is a photogenic brand, and what’s the strategy? Simply put, to be photogenic you need to create an attractiveness, some charisma, energy and intensity in every captured image. If it looks normal, shake it up. Put your brand in context, unique situations or surroundings, use various effects and lighting to create drama, explore micro, macro, and panoramic images. In other words, be creative and innovative. As Matt Hardy said, “Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.”

The strategy is to increase the chances of people engaging with the image and sharing it. Since cost is minimal or free, one should favor volume and creativity over expensive and few “special” images.

 In it’s ultimate extreme, a photogenic brand would have a picture at every touchpoint and with every customer.

Two side notes worth exploring: branding and tagging.

There are insane amounts of writing to guide your thoughts on branding, but for the purposes of a photogenic brand it would be wise to consider brand development in the widest possible light. For example contrast automobile pictures which are always 80% car and 20% setting or driver verses beer or beverages that are 80% people having fun and 20% product and logo. Many more connections and attractiveness could be had by mixing up the ratio’s and breaking some rules.

In the digital age of discovery, it is imperative that a photograph be properly and deeply tagged so it turns up in searches. The tags should include characteristics like brand name or hashtag, location, day/date, and names of people and things shown, but you should go far deeper into emotional words, mood or state of mind, concepts like peace and justice. Again, the strategy is to connect your brand to as many concepts as possible.

Start making your photogenic brand today by taking a picture of yourself with the brand, tag it, post it.