My how Manhattan has changed.

Maps of ManhattanI just discovered some absolutely amazing maps of Manhattan created from a mash-up of 4 David Rumsey maps from the 1800’s on top of the current Google Street map.

I discovered a few very interesting things. Note the build out of the island at:

  • World Financial Center @ Rector St,
  • Chelsea from West 20-36 St, and
  • UWS around 70th St.

But the most awesome change is at the top of the island where Spuyten Duyvel Creek has changed shapes when they filled the creek and made Marble Hill part of the Bronx and CONUS; toggle the 1836 map and 2012 maps to see the dramatic change. Also, to that Marble Hill remains part of Manhattan even though it is now in the Bronx.

Also, the other 2 islands that are part of Manhattan also had big changes: Governors Island more than doubled in size, and Randalls Island was combined with Wards Island and Sunken Meadow Island to also double in size. This was a great idea since both are largely recreational.

Play for your self here: